Get clear on what you really want, and take the risks – big and small – to make it happen.

It’s one thing to be yourself. It’s a whole other thing to be your magnificent, inimitable, dazzling, true self – out loud.

Scary, I know, because I’ve been on the journey of discovering and claiming the real me. I’ve been an opera singer, a legal recruiter, and a nude art model, too. Finally, I got clear on what I really wanted. I found my true voice helping others find — and share — theirs with the world.

The out loud part is hardly ever easy, but wouldn’t you know, it is always essential. Quite simply, there are some things you just have to do to make change happen. Through our work together, we’ll zero in on what you really want, identify those vital — gateway — risks, tap into your wellspring of courage, and proceed in the direction of your desires. Before you know it, you’ll be risking your way to success, however you define it.