My Dog at Work

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day is, for some reason, the first Friday after Father’s Day. And this year, that’s today, June 24th. This day isn’t such a big deal for me, since I work mainly from home and occasionally at my farm. For others, the people and their dogs, this is a real treat.* […]

Say it. And say it now.

Stories of the most horrific mass shooting in our county’s history are continuing to roll in. First, 20 were dead. Now, we’re hearing it’s 50. How high will the death toll go? No one knows, but any number is too high.  For those of us still living, it may be too soon for me to […]

What vow will you make?

A Vow for this Coming Day

While excitedly preparing my new journal last night – for the shiny new year, of course – I pasted in the very front, the words of my friend, inspirer, and provocateur, Jim Rigby. Jim is the pastor at my folks’ church in Texas, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church of Austin. And, he is an exemplary human being. […]

New Ventures

By guest blogger, Carolyn Cook. I am in the process of finding new ways to work in the world. I’m exploring career changes, making discoveries about how to use my skills in new ways, and making a commitment to earn more money. Lately I’ve risked contacting people I don’t know to ask about their work. […]

The Same Old Question

By guest blogger, Carolyn Cook. Why don’t I make more money? I ask myself this question every couple of years, and I always come up with the same reasonable answers: My field, non-profit live theatre, doesn’t pay well financially. The personal rewards of doing good work in this field are huge, but there’s no money in […]

Dare I Ask?

By guest blogger, Carolyn Cook. I decided about a month ago that I would pick up the phone and start asking people questions. I’m constantly asking questions inside my head. How can I give my daughter the education she needs? What’s the best way to support my aging mother? What do I want to do […]

I said, go away!

Road Not Taken

By guest blogger, Carolyn Cook. I was talking with a good friend recently about a decision I’d made, and speculating about what might have happened if I’d made a different choice. He said, “Hold on. Let me tell you something my brother told me.” His brother, a psychologist, has helped a lot of people through […]

You Are Amost There Sign from Calistoga

Trudging through Anxiety

By Guest Blogger, Carolyn Cook. I am anxious these days. I know from experience that the feeling will pass. Oddly enough, in parts of my life I’m having fun and feeling productive, even as I feel anxious in other areas. I’m rehearsing a play, and I always feel a generalized anxiety until I really know what […]

Inauguration 2009

How Do You Feel About World Peace?

When you hear someone make a reference to ‘world peace,’ what goes through your mind?  – Gosh, I hope I get to see that in my lifetime; – What are you, some kind of hippie-peace-freak from the 60s; – I don’t see that happening – ever; Or do you simply think, – Whatever? Rather than being […]

Letting Go, Part Deux

By Carolyn Cook I have so much to learn, still. I’m fifty years old, and I’m still learning that I have control issues.  I am even beginning to see my old perfectionism as a form of control:  if I can do everything perfectly, then I can control how other people perceive me. I got into trouble […]