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The Risk of Relaxing

By guest blogger, Carolyn Cook.

I’ve taken two tremendous risks in my life: starting a small business, and choosing to home school my daughter.

In both cases, I’m doing something that plenty of other people have done successfully. I have mentors to guide me, friends to support me, and a belief that the rewards will far outweigh the risks.

But I am keenly aware that there are ways each venture could fail, or at least fall short of the hopes I have for them.

Lately I’ve been worrying about the home school venture. My daughter, who is nearly 13, spent two years in school, but we’ve built the rest of her educational experiences around home, community, travel, friends, and family. She reads widely, takes interesting classes, writes well, and has hobbies ranging from aeronautics to ragtime.

Our home school, where I am more a facilitator than a teacher, involves constant negotiation. What does my daughter want to learn next? What does she need?  Having chosen to sidestep traditional schooling, how do I make sure the bases are covered while allowing her the freedom to explore what’s important to her? How do we handle inevitable areas of tension?

I realized as I was writing this blog entry that the biggest risk I could take right now – and the most rewarding – is to relax.

I worry hard about my daughter’s education because it makes me feel like I’m doing something about it. But I’m not:  I’m just worrying. The thing to do now is to stop worrying, stop believing that it’s up to me to “fix” everything.

If I can risk admitting that, I can open myself up to the possibility that life is teaching all of us what we need to know.

Carolyn Cook is a sometimes peaceful, sometimes frazzled individual who works to raise a daughter, build a marriage, and explore the human condition through theatre, art, music, history, literature, and relationship.

Note: This post originally appeared on True Voices’ RiskADay blog project, which has now concluded.

The Secret Language of Birds?

We have a barred owl. Every night, as we settle in for sleep, it greets us with the unmistakable call, “Who cooks for you?” You can hear and see it here. It’s quite delightful to experience. I’m even smiling as I write this. I’m so grateful it’s chosen to light for awhile in our wooded yard and serenade us most evenings.

Lots of birds visit our yard, actually. During one of the warmer afternoons last week, I went outside to get some Vitamin D, and was overwhelmed by the decibel level of their multiple conversations. So much was being said!

This got me thinking: “What are they really saying?” So I did some research, and found that they really do have a lot to say! Check out all of the possibilities here.

It also lead me to write a little poem. It’s a series of haikus, and I hope you enjoy it.

You Talkin’ To Me?

The featherweights fly
High in the intricate lace
Of the wintertime.

They chase and land and
Sometimes they peck, until they
Chase and land again.

What is their message
For those of us who are bound
To earth for life and

Death that surely comes?
What have they to say about
How we spend our time,

Mostly chasing and
Sometimes pecking but hardly
Landing? Rest, maybe?


©2014 Laura Overstreet Biering