What Laura’s Clients Are Saying…

Wes Bigler, CEO of a wealth management firm
“Laura is a true professional with the ability to understand the problem and make creative solutions to turn a problem into an opportunity. Laura was helpful in taking my company and my practice to the next level. She was very supportive and at the same time, proactive in encouraging me to make tough decisions in order to make changes in my company. The results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend Laura as a business coach.”

Cynthia Loy Darst, MCC, SeniorLeader at the Coaches Training Institute
“Laura is terrific. I have known her for several years, and watched her talent as a coach develop quite powerfully. I would easily recommend her to anyone looking for a loving, smart, bold and creative coach!”

Marcus Delgado, In-House Counsel for a major communications corporation
“Laura provided concrete, strategic steps to help me achieve transformational results in my career. This has been the single best year for me in my profession and I owe a lot of it to Laura and the work we’ve done over the past several months.”

Mary Elzey, Market Research Account Director
“My experience with Laura as a coach has been incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling.  She is my mirror – she doesn’t tell me what to do, she forces me to really look at whatever challenge I am facing and “own” it.  This allows me to live a life that’s moving forward in the direction I want it to.  I don’t feel so stuck any more.  I have a greater sense of meaning and purpose because my life now better reflects the values that are inherent to me.

“While I have always known the answers to life’s mysteries lie within me, I need perpetual reminders of this.  When I have doubt, when I am questioning what I am doing, when I am trying to understand if I’m on the right path, Laura is there to ask me the questions that will allow me to zero in on the answer I am seeking.

“Laura assists me with making choices.  She helps me to hear the call of my conscience.  She helps that voice inside of me rise above all the clamor and confusion and hear what it needs to tell me.  This can be for simple goals like setting a deadline to get my taxes done or bigger life issues like moving in a different direction career-wise.

“I know that Laura has made a huge difference in my life and I will continue to benefit from working with her.  I give her my highest recommendation.”

Shari Freeman, Director of Engineering at a mobile enterprise, database and software technology firm
“I strongly recommend Laura as a Career Coach for anyone looking to develop or fine-tune goals and direction for their career (or personal life). She helps you to both develop long-term goals and then identify and take action on steps that support those goals. Laura is fun to work with, supportive, and encouraging.”

Bobbie Munroe, CFP, CEO of financial planning firm
“Laura has been instrumental in increasing the possibility of success for several of my clients and employees. She has helped them establish their goals and, even more important, work through periods of self sabotage. Indeed, the best financial plan in the world won’t work without implementation and maintenance. Laura has been a fantastic resource for my practice.”

Sherry Neal, JD, law firm managing partner
“Laura is an inspiring coach who guides, nudges, and even pushes you to reach your full potential. Never one to tell you what to do or how to do it, Laura helps you make the best decisions about your personal goals, whether they be lifestyle or career or a combination of both. In addition, Laura helps you to visualize and implement the steps to reach your goals.”

Gail Oliveira, Assoc. Director of Employee Relations at a state university
“I met Laura during a particularly tumultuous time in my life. Immediately her warmth and caring attitude along with her professional demeanor made her “feel” like the right personal and professional coach to assist me in getting back on track and to realize my potential. We worked together over several years, until I truly no longer needed her services. I would highly recommend Laura as both a personal and professional coach. I would also recommend her to develop and deliver professional seminars on a variety of topics.”

Clayton Platt, Director of Major Gifts and Gift Planning at a major zoo
“I worked with Laura during a very important time in my life. I was clearly reaching the end of one career, although I wasn’t completely aware of that at the time, and in need of some careful guidance. I thought I was hiring Laura to help me improve how I approached my then current work, but due in large part to Laura’s insightfulness, I was led to some serious introspection which in led me to a complete change in career. If what you seek is a coach who asks superb questions, and listens with both her ears and her heart, and tenders advice that is at once both challenging and encouraging, you need look no farther than Laura Biering.”

Tracey Roberts, JD, attorney at law
“Laura Biering was a great career coach. She helped me to identify my most important values, prioritize multiple competing goals, develop some discipline in staying the path and, perhaps most importantly, grant myself some leeway in the time frames I’d set for achieving those goals. Most of all, she helped me to trust my gut. It’s worked out beautifully – I enjoy my life and my work more than ever.”

Shannon Schwartz, freelance writer
“From our very first session I felt Laura had intuitively penetrated into the essence of me.  Our interaction was profound because, with Laura’s guidance, we started at my base, and moved forward from there.  I was greatly impressed with her outstanding ability to uncover critical truths about myself, in my life at that moment that I desperately needed but could not grasp.

”I write none of this lightly.  In the past year I have grown and changed more significantly than in any other year of my life.  The coaching work with Laura has pushed me, pulled me and shown me my own, best way through.  Great [sports] coaches find the greatness in their players and draw it out of them.  In a nutshell, this is what Laura has done for me.  She has shown me my strengths, held me up to my deepest values, while encouraging me to make the painful choices I’d been avoiding.  She was not afraid to challenge my integrity when I was not being true to myself and her toughness in this area was deeply affirming.

“Now, a year since we started working together, I consider Laura one of the two strongest motivators of the positive changes I have made in my life.  In every single coaching session, Laura had uncovered some pearl I had not seen, and left me with a vital part of myself with which to move forward in a new way.  I am always “wowed” by Laura.

“I don’t believe that anyone who had the opportunity to work with Laura Biering can escape self-improvement.  I highly recommend her, her gentle, effective coaching skills and her amazing intuition.”

Patti Nixon Siegel, Senior level marketing and advertising professional
“My experience working with Laura has been first rate. If you’re willing to do the work, there is no one I would trust with helping me find my “right” path than Laura. She provided clear and solid guidance and with each session I learned more and more about myself and what I value most. All of the foundation work can be applied not only to my professional life–which is why I sought her out–but to my personal life as well. The experience I had working with Laura was invaluable.”

Tayyibah Taylor, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of a magazine for Muslim women
“Laura is a pleasure to work with. She knows exactly when to lead and when to push. She is knowledgeable, personable and very easy to speak with.”

Michelle Watkins, Regional Sales Manager at a California winery
“Laura is excellent at drawing information from her client and using her intuitive skills to serve the client. She stays fully focused on keeping her clients on target to assist them in reaching their goals. I would use her services again and she receives my highest recommendation.”

Suzanne Welander, Director of Communication and Outreach at a member supported non-profit agency, chaplain, published author
“At the time I first met with Laura, I’d been on a self-imposed hiatus from my professional life for almost four years.  While my initial intent [for this hiatus] was to explore alternatives that excited me in order to find a vocational path that I felt more passion for, I ended up becoming mired in indecision.  Originally, I thought I didn’t need a coach, mainly because I though that they would impose their own preconceptions upon my predicament.  However, in the first ten-minute mini-session, Laura changed my own narrow-minded idea of what a coach can do.  She very quickly took me deep into my psyche, creating a magical connection that continues to inspire me as we move forward.  I immediately signed up as a full-time client.

“Laura’s style is gentle, yet firm; she is sensitive to what is needed in each situation and asks for feedback to determine when she needs to fine turn her approach.  She listens deeply to what I bring to each session, frequently making observations beyond the context of what’s shared on the surface.  It’s this intuitive skill that propels our sessions into the territory where they bear the most fruit.  I leave our appointments wanting to record the observations that surfaced during the half hour as they are often times outside the scope of my independent analysis of my situation.  One by one, we are working together to address my issues in creating a professional life that is deeply fulfilling.

“I believe that I get out of the coaching experience what I bring to it, and towards this end I focus on staying as open as possible to the process.  It is the process itself that provides the structure for the client to realize the results they are seeking to create.  Laura’s ability to create a safe space and to execute the process with skill would serve any client well, regardless of what they are seeking to improve in their life.”

Attorney at international law firm
“When I talked with Laura Biering, I knew that I needed to make a change in my professional life. While I had some ideas about what career pathways could lead to satisfaction and how I could get there, I had no definite plans. Laura not only helped me focus on my strengths and on what I wanted, but she also assisted me with developing a list of tasks to accomplish and setting deadlines for follow through. With her help, I was able to get on a career track … that I find rewarding and satisfying.”

Anonymous HR Professional at a large, international law firm
“I was amazed at how much I was able to learn about myself in such a short time! In my first coaching session with Laura Biering, I was forced to take a good, hard look at the various aspects of my life and gain a better understanding of the things on which I needed to focus more attention. I highly recommend coaching to anyone who is willing to be honest with themselves and strives to lead a more balanced, complete and fulfilling life.”

Susan Beallor, designer-goldsmith “Laura helped me to understand what was important to me and why.  Her method made it possible to understand this on such a deep level allowing me to move forward and take steps to create the life I want to have.”