For Organizations

Team Coaching

Just as it sounds, this is coaching for any team in your organization. For example, pull together a large client service team to run a more efficient and profitable operation, with smoother interactions, clearer roles, and more joyful teamwork or help your marketing team to determine a quicker and more flexible way to produce proposals and presentations or monitor social media. Then see how that transforms the client experience, employee retention and your business! Regardless of the team you bring to coaching, be it managers, marketers or math teachers, team coaching allows common problems to surface and new solutions to be shared in a way that each individual can tailor them for his or her specific situation and personality.

Team coaching can also be useful when two or more employees experience conflict. By focusing on the team as a third entity, apart from themselves, team coaching enables both parties to look beyond themselves (and each other) to the greater good of the organization and keep workplace drama from affecting other employees or clients.

The  investment in team coaching varies, depending on the length of the engagement, the amount of time coaching is needed during that engagement, and whether or not assessments are used to assist the team in its process.

Group Coaching

Much like team coaching, but across division lines or practice groups, group coaching allows participants to discuss common challenges, share solutions and develop best practices.  It allows the wisdom of many to be leveraged and then disseminated across teams, offices, facilities or divisions. The investment in group coaching varies, depending on the number of participants, and the length and location of the group.