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A Vow for this Coming Day

While excitedly preparing my new journal last night – for the shiny new year, of course – I pasted in the very front, the words of my friend, inspirer, and provocateur, Jim Rigby.

Jim is the pastor at my folks’ church in Texas, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church of Austin. And, he is an exemplary human being. Or rather, he is a spiritual being having a human experience; and while doing so, he makes the world a better place by being in it.

Feel free to check him out for yourself. He has a blog, but is most prolific and active on his Facebook page.

But I digress.

Check out what Jim wrote. I think you’ll see why I pasted it into the front of my journal, and hope to read it every single day – at least this year. 😉


I vow not to let anything that happens this day rob me of my inner peace.

I promise to treat every ignorant word as opportunity to teach, every unfortunate event as a chance to learn, and every happy moment as an opportunity to be grateful,

Without trying to possess it, control it, or make it permanent. I vow to live this day in my own skin, not wishing I were different, but, instead, striving to make my life a work of art.

I vow to spend this day as a good citizen of the whole, and to be an ambassador for the common good.

I will be grateful for this day of life, remembering that the Universe owes me nothing.

Should I break any part of my vow, I will give no place to remorse, or shame, but time and time again, I will joyfully return to my path.

And to that I say, “Amen.”

The YES of Snow!

By guest blogger, Betsey Brogan

Living in the South, we rarely get snow, let alone 5 inches. I grew up in Illinois, then lived for years in Colorado. I have had my share of snow and all that comes with it: cold, treacherous roads, loss of electricity, work missed, travel plans interrupted, and layer upon layer of cold weather garb. I have suffered my fair share of being stranded, being stuck, having my car lose control on the ice, frostbite and other not fun events.

I got so cold one time while skiing that I became disoriented and tried to resume skiing going UP hill! My car spun out of control driving to a ski lodge and performed three 360s, while I sang a loud rendition of “The Hills Are Alive” because I was so afraid! Once on a 10 mile cross country ski trip I laid down because I was so tired and told the rest of the group to go on without me and come back later to find my remains. (I did make it back, but only because my friend sang every song he knew to keep my mind off of how cold and exhausted I was.)

Tell me why then, when the snow began to come down steadily here in Atlanta, Georgia, all I could do was look out the window and say “Yes!!!”? My heart took flight and I squealed out in joy like a 9 year old girl. Snowday, snowday, Snowday!! I haven’t been in school for years, and for me a snow day means a loss in income, so why was I so darn excited?!? Why did seeing that snow come barreling down and accumulating on my car make me happy?! Why was I thrilled?

The snow coming down when you are snug in your home is beautiful. As it blankets my surroundings, it becomes a winter wonderland. There is such a newness to it and especially here in the South, a novelty. There is a quiet that comes with the snow that is comforting. The air is crisp.

During this snowday, I have often thought of folks not as fortunate as myself for whom this weather really is a hardship. The shelters are packed these cold and snowy days. Some people are without power. Some folks are hungry and cold. I say a little prayer for those in need.

I can’t help but feel a little wistful as I remember those nights as a child when I went to bed thinking tomorrow will be a snowday and I won’t have school. This is nature’s way of giving a kid a day off from school. How cool is that?

I don’t see any harm in enjoying a snowday. I have tried today to work at the desk, being productive. It ain’t gonna happen. My heart is still flipping from the joy I felt last night when the first flakes came down and I knew that thetoday would be a snowday. YES!

So here is the RiskADay challenge as it relates to a snowday. The next time nature comes along and gives you reason to delight in its beauty, say: Wow! The next time you are given the unexpected opportunity to take a day off work, say OKAY. The next time mother nature comes to your window and creates a beautiful landscape using her skills and your front yard say: THANK YOU. The next time you you are gifted with a snowday: say YES!

Betsey Brogan is on her way to creating World Peace – one massage at a time. On-site Chair Massage and In-Home table massage. Bringing Stress Relief to You.

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It’s Get A Different Name Day!

Like your name? Great.

Don’t like your name? Then today is your day – it’s Get a Different Name Day!

Believe it or not, Get a Different Name Day is a copyrighted holiday. It’s for people whose parents stuck them with names like Anita Martini,  the first female reporter to be allowed in a major-league locker room, or the real people listed on Buzzfeed, such as Bud Light and Jurassic Park. (Warning: the crudeness level of the Buzzfeed post is high.)

If you fall into unfortunate category, you may want to check out how to legally change your name. Find the instructions on this wikihow page. If you just want to use this day to have a little fun, then check out what your hooker name might be at this link. Or to find your possible hilbilly name, go to this link. but if you don’t like what you get, don’t blame me!

In fact, even better than those links, think a minute about what name you’d like to have – legally or just for the day? What might that be? I’ve always thought it would be nice to be named Savannah. That’s not to say I don’t like the name I was given. Somehow, Laura Luck Overstreet fit me just fine.

What about you? Did your parents play a dirty trick on you? Does your name not fit who you are? What name would you rather write on your nametag? Let me know – I’d love to hear! And, if you want me to start calling you that, say so, and I’ll do my best! 

Now, go out and enjoy the rest of Get A Different Name Day!