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Profile Picture + One

By Guest Blogger, Betsey Brogan.

“The younger generation” has grumbled about how the average age on Facebook is old enough to be grandparents. No, it didn’t start out that way. But, as time goes on, more of us who have seen lots of birthdays have found joy in reconnecting with long time friends through Facebook.

Unlike many things in our hectic lives, it’s easy to log on and learn about friends, see and share pictures, and jot a note – all in the time it takes to eat breakfast. We’re able to write to people, who. because of distance and time, had fallen off our to-do lists; people with whom re-connecting does the heart some good.

Then I post a picture of myself and my same sex partner. Yikes! Talk about stepping out onto a whole new platform of risky.

The way I look at it, though, is that some, those who don’t know about my 10 year relationship, may be surprised. But if we are to be authentic in our “sharing,” I want them to know about my house and home, which includes this fantastic woman who wants to be with me in the good and bad for the rest of my life.

Others may see my profile pic and say to themselves:,“I guess I don’t want to ‘friend’ her after all.” And to them I say, “It’s my life, and it’s up to me whether I want to live it authentically or live in such a way that is easier for others to take.

When I first came out to my Dad many, many years ago, his first response was, “Your mother and I will always love you, just don’t tell anyone OK?” Bless his heart. Over time, he came to realize that being gay wasn’t fatal and what truly matters is how a person loves, lives and contributes to her community.

Posting a picture of my partner and me may be risky. I’ll never know what those who regretted “friending” me thought when they saw it. I do know that it has welcomed some of my friends from the past to seek me out as counsel, in regards to how to interact with their gay children. That is really an honor.

Something about living out loud, and risking being authentic, has signaled to my dear friends, that I am a safe place for tough questions they are asking themselves. What an honor, really. And how reaffirming that I can live a life I am proud of.

So, Dad, if you are listening, “I don’t go out of my way to tell anyone I am gay, just as you don’t tell anyone that you are an American. It’s just who I am.”

Live your life to the fullest, live with integrity, and don’t be surprised if someday someone asks you questions from their heart. What a gift those ‘heart to heart’ talks are. What a precious gift.

This post originally appeared as a part of True Voices’ RiskADay project, which has now concluded.

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Your Press Release, Your True Voice

I’m not sure how many of you actually involve the media in what you do…however, you may want to start thinking about it.

Search engine optimization is far more than just getting your web site listed by submitting it to Google.  There’s Facebook, Twitter, and all those other things that can bring your online presence to a higher level.   One of these is press releases.

When you say “press release,” it scares the bejeepers out of people.  Most people can’t write them (me being one of those people) nor do we even know what to do with them.    However, Laura Scholz who runs her own communications company somewhat summed it up at the recent Spark and Hustle event here in Atlanta: “When dealing with the press, be timely, relevant, to the point – and send no attachments.” Interesting.

I asked Cindy Brock, one of my team members, about this comment, since she has worked in the TV, entertainment, and media industry.   “It’s true,” Cindy says.  “For every 5 press releases I must rewrite, 3 of them are for a product or service that was released weeks or months ago, it’s not relevant to anything that anyone would care about, and it’s filled with endless gibberish.”   Cindy said that when dealing with the media, you must put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to receive the information.  “Imagine you’re a TV news reporter and you only have 1 minute to get your message across.  You must tell the viewer what it is, how it’s beneficial, and why action needs to take place now.”

I thought about how this transfers across to aspects of a business (or even a personal journey).  How much time, money, energy are we spending doing things that are not in the time frame we want, not relevant to our overall goal, and are completely missing the point we want to make or goal we want to achieve?   Yikes!  If we’re being true to ourselves, wouldn’t we give these items the attention they require?  Wouldn’t we be do what ever we could to make our voices heard?  I think so.

What are your press releases – and other actions and choices –  saying about you, and how you feel about yourself?  Are you using your True Voice?

Note:  This is one blog post in a series of them that I’ll be publishing here periodically about the insights I gleaned from the aforementioned Spark and Hustle conference.  It is my hope that these posts will not only inform you, but also inspire you to take action on making your dreams real, especially if your dreams include becoming an entrepreneur.  Perhaps with some spark and hustle, we can all profit from our passions!