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Poetry and the Olympics: My Opening Ceremony

On the way to my weekly networking meeting this morning, I happened to hear a cool story on NPR.  It was about how in the early days of the Olympics – and I mean the earliest days, as in B.C.E. – poetry was an integral part of the festivities.  And how, at the 1912 Games in Stockholm, music, architecture, and painting were added, as well. One could even win medals in these categories! Sadly, however, after the London Games in 1948, this type of competition was suspended.

Hence, my tribute over the days of this year’s Olympic Games in London.  While I won’t be posting poems strictly about  sport, I will be posting some of my favorites, and I hope you’ll give them a chance to win gold in your heart, as well!

Let’s celebrate last night’s Opening Ceremony with an ode to roundness, as in the Olympic rings, among other things…

“Fat is not a Fairy Tale” by Jane Yolen (from Billy Collins’ Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry).  Please go here to read this poem.