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Poetry and the Olympics: Amazing Athletes and Important You

Aren’t the Olympians amazing?  I find myself in awe of their abilities, inspired by their dedication, and exhilarated by their willingness to do whatever it takes to go as far as they possibly can in their chosen sports.  Occasionally, though, a little voice creeps in and begins to compare (and this is one sport in which no one ever wins).  I start to think things like “I’ll never be that good at anything” and/or “If only I had…”

Sound familiar?  I hope not, for your sake, but even if it does, I am here to remind you that, while you may never be an Olympic athlete, you are human, and you are and always will be the only you.  And that’s something at which you’ll always excel!

And if you need even more on the subject, take a look at today’s poem, written by my talented friend Ann Betz, and let its beauty and truth wash over you.  Then remember that you have a special place in the global puzzle – yours!

if you only knew

how delicate
and tender
you are

if you could only see
the softness
and susceptibility
of your own heart
the way it blooms
and contracts
a sea anemone
of hope and fear
floating bravely
through your life

and yes I know
that you move mountains
command armies
and face the foe

what of it?

to be human is to carry
a precarious blossom
that no barrier
or shell can ever
truly contain
the strong among us know
you might as well
give up
hold out your hand
and offer it
and without hesitation
to this world

~July 2012, copyright, Ann Betz