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Who Do You Think You Are – God’s Gift to the World?

Hello, my lovely,

Have you ever thought, “God’s Gift to the World? Who? Me?”

Well, I am here to tell you that the answer to that question is “Yes!”

I am the only me that’s ever been and the only me that will ever be.  I have a unique combination of beliefs, talents, quirks and qualities that no one else has ever had or will ever have.  So again, I say, yes – I am God’s Gift to the World!

Now, lest you think I am some sort of ego maniac, let me also say that I believe that you, too, are God’s Gift to the this glorious planet of ours!  We are each one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  And regardless of whether or not I agree with what you believe, or what you do and say, I am still glad you’re here, because it’s only when each of us is being who we’re here to be that our world can function at its best.

I look at our globe as one big puzzle, one in which each of us has our own unique space to fill.  And I know that if you will allow yourself to learn about what truly makes you tick, and love yourself enough to live in integrity with what’s at the core of you, then we’ll all be better off.  Not only will you be living and enjoying life to the fullest, but in the meantime, by example, you’ll be leading others to do the same.  And what might be the result of that?  World Peace, of course!

As outrageous as it sounds, I am actually quite serious about this, and believe in it wholeheartedly.  So I do hope you’ll join me on my crusade.  Take some time to learn about yourself – who you are, deep down inside.  Then love that person you discover yourself to be. Allow yourself to live that unique person’s life, yours, and in that way, truly lead to the world.

Won’t you please, help me “peace” our world together and make it whole?

True Voices Spark and Hustle


This will be a brief post, with much more to come later on this very topic.   I am scrambling this morning to get ready for a call with one of my Be You Out Loud clients, then a call with my coach, Jeanine Mancusi, and then to get on the road heading toward to the Spark and Hustle Conference at the Cobb Galleria Centre in NW Atlanta.  It’s run by Tory Johnson, with Michelle Pippin, and I am delighted to have been chosen to be one of their official blogging/tweeting/posting people!

I am also excited about all of the great information and great women I am sure to meet there!  It’s a conference all about women entrepreneurs and their (our) businesses, so it’s right up my alley.  And this is a year that I have dedicated to (among other things) learning about how to be a better business woman.  (I could say something here about it being about time, since I am in my 10th year of business, but I will refrain.  🙂 )

Not that I will ever stop learning.  First of all, I love to learn.  And second, the way I see it is that one would have to work rather hard to avoid it!

OK – short post, as I said.  But look for more later about what all I am learning.  I am happy to share whatever it is, so that you can learn, too…

Have a sparkling day,

PS Written a year later: In 2011, I was a speaker at Spark & Hustle, and this is a picture proving it! 🙂

I’m Heading into an Awesome August! And You?

August, 2010 is shaping up to be a busy month – all good, but busy.  Just yesterday, I was packing up my things for heading back from my farm to (Metro) Atlanta, where I work and play.  And tomorrow, I’ll be heading off to the Cobb Galleria Center, in NW Atlanta, for the Spark and Hustle Conference, with Tory Johnson, Michelle Pippin and lots of other cool, powerful chicks.  I am honored to have been chosen to be one of the official event bloggers, so watch for more from me about that event, for sure!

The evening that the Spark & Hustle conference closes, I’ll be at the home of a longtime client (and now a dear friend), celebrating her and the fact that she’s reached the half-century mark.  Happy birthday, Kris!

Early the next morning (too early for me to think about right now, thank you), I will be on a plane bound for Santa Barbara, California.  I’ll be joining some dear friends and my fabulous coach for the Lucid Living retreat, “The Secrets of Happiness!”  You can bet I’ll be reporting in about that one, too!

And actually, that’s as much as I’m going to say, for now.  No use in overwhelming either – or both – of us!

For now, just know that, in general, True Voices at Work  is the category of the True Voices Blog where you can find out what I’m up to. I’ll try to make it interesting and informative, but if there’s anything you particulary want to know, make sure you let me know, OK?

OK!  May your July finish up just right, and may your entire August be awesome!