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It’s Get A Different Name Day!

Like your name? Great.

Don’t like your name? Then today is your day – it’s Get a Different Name Day!

Believe it or not, Get a Different Name Day is a copyrighted holiday. It’s for people whose parents stuck them with names like Anita Martini,  the first female reporter to be allowed in a major-league locker room, or the real people listed on Buzzfeed, such as Bud Light and Jurassic Park. (Warning: the crudeness level of the Buzzfeed post is high.)

If you fall into unfortunate category, you may want to check out how to legally change your name. Find the instructions on this wikihow page. If you just want to use this day to have a little fun, then check out what your hooker name might be at this link. Or to find your possible hilbilly name, go to this link. but if you don’t like what you get, don’t blame me!

In fact, even better than those links, think a minute about what name you’d like to have – legally or just for the day? What might that be? I’ve always thought it would be nice to be named Savannah. That’s not to say I don’t like the name I was given. Somehow, Laura Luck Overstreet fit me just fine.

What about you? Did your parents play a dirty trick on you? Does your name not fit who you are? What name would you rather write on your nametag? Let me know – I’d love to hear! And, if you want me to start calling you that, say so, and I’ll do my best! 

Now, go out and enjoy the rest of Get A Different Name Day!

What’s in a Name? Or, Why “Lala Land”?

Hello, my lovely,

Welcome to the place on my blog where you’ll find letters from me to you!  And now, to get us started, a little about the name of this category of posts…

As you may already know, the name I was given at birth was Laura Luck Overstreet.  I was named for my Great Aunt, Laura Jean Adams, although I never once heard her called that.  I only heard her greeted or referred to by her nickname, “Dimples.”  In addition to having a great smile, she was one brave lady, my “Aunt Dimps.”  Although she has been gone many, many years now, I still count her among those on my “Inner Board of Directors.”  She had countless interesting adventures, including serving in the Army Nurse Corps, in North Africa, during WWII.  That would be quite a job and a trek for me, even now, a grown “city girl,” in the “new millenium;” but for a “county girl” from Lavonia, Georgia, in the early 1940s, I’m sure it was nearly unheard of!  See why I still “call on her” for advice?

My middle name came from my mother, whose name at birth was Mary Annette Luck.  She never knew her father, Paul Booth Luck, but she chose to honor him and her heritage by giving me this name, too.  And I have always worn it proudly, and my mother set that example early.  When I was a little girl, and people heard my full name, they would often comment, “Laura Luck – how cute,” to which my mother would almost always reply, “It’s not cute.  It’s family!”

Whether family or cute, or both, it was a lot of name for a little girl.  Even when shortened to Laura Overstreet, it was a mouthful.  So, as kids often do, I shortened it even further, and for the longest time, when asked my name, I replied with pride, “Lala O’teet!”

Now, zoom forward with me about 25 or 30 years.  When I discovered the book, The Artist’s Way, and began doing art of all kinds, it was my “little girl” inside that was doing it, or at least helping the rest of my have permission to do so.  She is a part of me that is creative, curious, loving and awe-inspired.  And so, even though I, my adult, am the one writing these letters to you, I am giving her a nod, thanking her, and letting you know that no matter where I live, or what I am writing about, it will always be from Lala Land!

Be good to yourself today, and don’t forget to ask your “little girl” what she has to say.  My guess is that it’s quite a lot!

Much love,


PS Are you wondering about what this picture has to do with this post? I’ll tell you! Sometimes people say that when I’m in Lala Land, it’s because my head is in the clouds. What’s your version of Lala Land?