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It’s Create A Vacuum Day

Before you go thinking that I’m suggesting we all create vacuum cleaners today, hear me out.  That’s not what I’m talking about, unless of course, you want to do that!

What I’m suggesting is that, in honor of Create A Vacuum Day, we clear out some space, whether it be physical or emotional.  Surely there is something – an item or a negative thought pattern  – you’d like to re-gift, recycle, or just plain get rid of.  There are certainly those things for me.  And in addition to my feeling good about doing one or all of those things, something else good will come of it.  How do I know?

Perhaps you’ve heard the idiom, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”  This is a statement attributed to and debated by many very smart men, including Aristotle, Galileo, and Isaac Newton, to name a few.  The idea is that nature requires spaces to be filled with something.

For example, if you have a glass that is full of water, and you pour the water out, it seems as though the glass is empty.  But, in fact, it is not.  It is full – of air!

Therefore, I am thinking that we could use this special day to create a vacuum in our lives, so that something we prefer or even deeply desire can rush in, like air into an “empty” glass.  What do you think?  What will you get rid of?  And what is it that you’d like to rush into the space that you create???