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Poetry and the Olympics: Worthwhile

I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics, seeing as much as of the games as you want, and still getting enough sleep… Before I head off to bed myself, I thought I’d post a little reminder to all of us, myself included, to get up off the couch every now and then and get outside…


Moving from the cool conditioning
To the hot steam of summer
Can be a stultifying affront
And can stop one still,

Was I coming out here?” and
“Is it really
“Of course
it is,” another
Silent voice announces.

“See the lushness
Of the cotton,
Which upon inspection
Is dappled
With pinks and whites,
Buds and blossoms?”

It is those little things,
Though not so little,
Those unexpected details
That make a trip
From the inside-ease
To the outside-heaviness

… And
To the
Of life …


Laura Overstreet Biering, ©2009