Taking on a New Position

By Anita Horsley

I am taking the risk of taking on another responsibility at work. I am taking a class next week for the incident management team public information officer. This is a class with very experienced fire officer’s who work on large incidents and I have never done this position before. So I am trying to take the attitude that I am there to learn, not to look good. But it is challenging  for me not to want to be perfect at everything immediately and to quit before I go. So I have to take this risk, get up, do my homework, go to the class and allow myself to be extremely unsure without shaming myself and then trust the process.

This post first appeared on my Risk-A-Day blog.

 lives in Eugene, OR with her life partner of 9 years. She works for the Oregon State Fire Marshal office as a training & development specialist and was a firefighter for 10 years prior to that. She won the World Champion firefighter combat challenge in 2005 in addition to the State and National championship 2004-2006. She loves the outdoors, running in the woods with her dogs and traveling. VisitAnita’s website.