Say it. And say it now.

Stories of the most horrific mass shooting in our county’s history are continuing to roll in. First, 20 were dead. Now, we’re hearing it’s 50. How high will the death toll go? No one knows, but any number is too high. 

For those of us still living, it may be too soon for me to say this. Maybe our rage, our hopelessness, our grief, or our numbness will make it impossible for us to hear it. 

For those of us who went to the Orlando club Pulse last night to dance, socialize, and enjoy being alive, it’s now suddenly, devastatingly too late. 
Because I don’t want to wait any longer to say it, I’m writing this post from my phone. So thanks in advance for forgiving  any typos, poor grammar, and or other faults. 

Here’s my message: If you love them, tell them. If you appreciate them, thank them. If there’s anything at all you’ve been putting off saying, say it.

To none of us is tomorrow, tonight, or even the next moment promised.

So say it. And say it now. 


  1. I love you more than you’ll ever know and NOTHING could ever keep me from loving you – until my last breath. If it’s possible, I’ll love you even after that.

  2. Say it now! As Obama says, inaction is a decision. So if you say nothing you are complicit with the horror. What will it take? Love each other out loud, now.